Education for Humanitarians,
by Humanitarians.

About Humanitarian U

Founded by Dr. Kirsten Johnson, Humanitarian U is a social enterprise that is one of the leading educational organizations globally to deliver professional certification and training to humanitarian workers around the world, anywhere, anytime. Through Dr. Johnson’s network, Humanitarian U’s web-based and face-to-face training programs provide universities, emergency medical teams, non-governmental organizations and individual aid workers with the front-line, field-driven knowledge required to face the most challenging situations with safe and dynamic solutions.

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Our Evolution

  • 2005

    Dr. Kirsten Johnson is part of the founding faculty of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI).

  • 2006

    Dr. Johnson is involved in HHI's educational arm and drafts the Initiative's first simulation exercise script.

  • 2008

    Dr. Johnson works in the field before returning to Canada to start HHI's sister program at McGill University, the Humanitarian Studies Initiative (HSI).

  • 2010

    McGill HSI grows to 2 programs annually for 80 students from across Canada and the US.

  • 2011

    Dr. Johnson attends the first Humanitarian Education & Training Conference hosted by ELRHA. She is inspired to engage in humanitarian professionalization.

  • 2011

    Dr. Johnson starts Humanitarian U to promote the professionalization of the humanitarian sector by developing globally accessible online training programs.

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