Front-Line, Field-Driven Knowledge

Humanitarian U’s comprehensive online training programs prepare humanitarians for active fieldwork, equipping them with the key knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to make them operationally effective, prepared, and safer.

Developed in partnership with leading universities, humanitarian organizations and UN Agencies, we combine field-expert knowledge, evidence-based methods and up to date content, to create cutting-edge, comprehensive eLearning programs.

Our approach is to focus on proven, real-world skills—those, which evidence has shown are the most essential— and what works on the front lines.

We prepare humanitarians to face challenging and stressful situations in a competent, professional way. Our graduates are well-equipped and well-prepared to respond to situations of conflict, natural disasters, medical emergencies and other humanitarian crises.

“Unqualified and unprepared field workers are a risk to themselves, co-workers and the very people they are passionate about helping. We equip our students with the front-line skills that will increase their safety and effectiveness.”

- Will Plowright
Education for humanitarian, by humanitarians